Resonance Score

The Resonance Score gauges how a message aligns with its intended audience. It is calculated by testing against audience digital twins that are created with multi-agent AI. The algorithm that drives the Resonance Score measures 85+ social and psychological dimensions across 40+ languages, allowing users to forecast how well their market or target audience will receive, react to, and resonate with their content. The higher the score, the stronger the message's reach and resonance. Users can safely A/B test against their digital twin and publish when their messaging is perfect.

Resonance Score Metrics

The Resonance Score isn’t scaled from 1 to 100. It’s measured against other creatives in the Reddit A/B Testing module. The highest score that a CulturePulse partner agency has ever reached is 26 for a 300-character ad. That agency’s client subsequently put seven figures behind it.

As a general rule for 100-character headlines, it’s recommended to publish with a score no lower than 10. It’s easier to generate higher scores with higher character count ads.