Reimagining AI in Democracy: Gain Insights from CEO Justin E. Lane 🤔

Discover the importance of understanding human psychology in decisions surrounding free speech, elections, and censorship.

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Know what drives your audience

CulturePulse models the belief systems that drive audience action so you can predict behavior more accurately, with less data, and in less time. Move past sentiment and make decisions with AI trained on how people think.

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Platform - Optimize ads in minutes, not weeks

Ensure your message connects

Precisely predict what resonates with your audience using AI-powered A/B testing and take the guesswork out of creating content.

  • Test against digital twins of your audience – risk-free
  • Fine-tune messaging using Resonance Scores
  • Align content with communities on any social media platform
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“Writing headline text isn't my cup of tea but using CulturePulse gives me so much insight that I easily reached 1.7k Upvotes in my community. I’ll definitely continue using your tool.”

Davis Lejnieks, Reddit Marketing Specialist, Undecided Agency
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API - Integrated insights

Understand the beliefs that drive behavior

Get deeper, point-by-point insights into what truly motivates your audience with interactive access to 93 social dimensions. 

  • Analyze and understand your community on any dimension
  • Transform audience data into action
  • Integrate seamlessly with your existing platform
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Data services - Correlations at scale

Find the signal through the noise

Sift through millions of data points at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional research and uncover the meaning in your data.


“It would have taken us over two years and £250k to complete this research the old way. Using CulturePulse for analysis and coping with a huge amount of categories and data allowed us to do it in weeks — at a fraction of the cost”

Dr Katherine O’Lone, Social Psychologist and Research Fellow at Woolf Institute, Cambridge
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Beliefs drive behavior

Unlock new levels of audience insight

No single attribute drives decisions, it’s the interplay of dozens of dimensions that creates action. CulturePulse’s AI predicts behavior by modeling the entire belief system that motivates people to act.

Think of it as Behavior-Prediction-as-a-Service


>95% accuracy

Prediction accuracy that meets statistical standards in clinical research settings.


93 social dimensions

Go beyond sentiment and dive deep into personality, morals, political values, social life, gender, and beyond.


30+ years of research

Over 3 decades of academic validation driving its cognitive, psychological, and culture-based algorithm.


0 historical data

Instantly functional without training the model on staggering amounts of data.

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