Product description

With CulturePulse marketing and product teams can go beyond behavior analysis and predict what drives their customers. Starting with WHY to craft the content that syncs perfectly with their audience's beliefs. Works with CRM and social media data, or any other text sources.

Press boilerplate

CulturePulse helps you predict audience engagement based on real beliefs and values. Find audiences that the message would resonate with the most and test content without showing it to a real audience. With CulturePulse, marketing and product teams can drive socially sustainable advertising in the future. For more information on CulturePulse, visit (www.culturepulse.ai/) and follow us on Twitter @culturepulseai.

Vision & Mission    

Vision - CulturePulse is about revolutionizing resonance in customer communication. 

Mission - Powering companies to make decisions not by counting likes and views instead by being able to analyze the beliefs and motivations that drive customer behaviors.

Founding story

CulturePulse technology was born out of the need for a quick - yet psychologically sensitive - way to interpret tens of thousands of texts from around the world. Developed by our co-founder, Justin Lane, during his doctoral work at Oxford University, these tools were initially designed to better understand the growth of social polarization in social media. In 2015 Justin left Oxford to work with the other co-founder of CulturePulse, LeRon Shults, in a large AI research project based in Boston. 

Justin and LeRon wanted to take this revolutionary technology out of the ivory tower and into the real world but weren’t sure how. Then the pandemic happened. As part of a project funded by the Research Council of Norway, we applied CulturePulse tools to analyze social media messages related to misinformation, stigma, and anxiety about COVID-19. We tracked tweets on these themes over several months and were able to discover some of the key moral, psychological, and cultural factors that promoted emotional contagion during the pandemic. We found that CulturePulse’s ability to detect features of personality, motivation, and morale preference within social media texts was more powerful and accurate than we expected and so held great promise for helping health care organizations determine how to craft their messages more effectively.  

This convinced us that it was time to build out the technology and make tools that could allow more people to gain a better understanding of the nuances of their market culture and craft their messages in ways that resonate more precisely with their target audience - without contributing to the negativity that unfortunately characterizes so much of the discourse on the internet today.

Facts & numbers

  • Founding date: 2021
  • Headquarters: We're a remote team but our headquarters are in Slovakia
  • Employees: in 5 cities in the US and EU
  • Clients: Several large companies, research centers, and top universities (University of Cambridge) use CulturePulse

Leadership Team

Justin E. Lane - Co-Founder & CEO

F. LeRon Shults - Co-Founder & CRO

Brian Swichkow - Co-Founder & CMO

Maja Roknić - Co-Founder & CPO

John Zdanowski - CFO


Bird Incubator, One Inc. Cooperative, ALAN Analytics, DEKK Institute, Secret Order Studios

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Press mentions

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