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CulturePulse is a social media analytics company that helps predict messaging engagement based on audience beliefs and values. CulturePulse creates a behavioral and psychological digital twin of an audience that users can test content on for resonance before testing live. Marketing and product teams can drive socially sustainable advertising in the future with CulturePulse. Follow us on Twitter @culturepulseai, LinkedIn, or stay here at to learn more.

About Us

Our CEO is Dr. Justin E. Lane. Justin's doctoral work at the University of Oxford in cognitive anthropology inspired the technological innovations behind CulturePulse. Our founding CRO is Dr. LeRon Shults. LeRon is a professor in Norway at the Institute for Global Development and Planning at the University of Agder. Dr. Shults has led several international research projects endowed with over €15 million in funding. Dr. Lane and Dr. Shults have published 20+ books and 200+ scientific papers on topics such as artificial intelligence, computer simulation, and social ethics.

Vision & Mission    

CulturePulse's vision is to revolutionize messaging resonance across customer communication. Our mission is to give companies the power and knowledge they need to make business decisions not based on likes and views but on their audience's beliefs and motivations that drive their behavior.


CulturePulse models belief systems that drive human behavior, while other technologies provide sentiment and engagement analytics. What sets CulturePulse apart is that it can quantify anger, anxiety, personality, morality, family, friends, finances, inclusivity, racism, hate speech, and 50+ other categories across 80+ languages. Our marketplace platform allows anyone to simulate possible outcomes against multiple campaigns before launching in the real world.


We developed our technology in a laboratory setting for over a decade with clinically validated research. CulturePulse is 100x more efficient than IBM Watson and predicts with clinical accuracy of >95% correlation.

Facts & Numbers

Founding date: 2021

Headquarters: We're a remote team but our headquarters are in Slovakia

Employees: We're spread across 5 cities in the US and EU

Clients: Several large companies, research centers, and top universities like the University of Cambridge use CulturePulse

Leadership Team

Justin E. Lane - Co-Founder & CEO

F. LeRon Shults - Co-Founder & CRO

Brian Swichkow - Co-Founder & CMO

Maja Roknić - Co-Founder & CPO

John Zdanowski - CFO


Bird Incubator, One Inc. Cooperative, DEKK Institute, Secret Order Studios

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CulturePulse (Slovakia)

CulturePulse s.r.o

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Slovak Republic

CulturePulse (USA)

CulturePulse, Inc. 

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Middletown, DE 19709

United States

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