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CulturePulse for businesses

Align your messaging with how your audience really feels by measuring against 93 psychological and cultural dimensions

Go further than positive and negative emotional sentiment analysis

Predict and amplify what drives your community


Digital twin audiences

Simulated, digital twin audiences mirror all the exact beliefs and values of your live audience


Data streams

Work with data streams from any social media platforms


ChatGPT integration

Use our ChatGPT-powered writing tool to create copy


Measure twice, publish once, save on ad spend

  • Spend less by A/B testing against digital twin audiences built from social data streams, then use Resonance Scores to refine your message and publish when it's a perfect fit.
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Focus your message on what matters

  • A message is only meaningful if it’s relevant, pinpoint the most important topics in your community and join the conversation they’re actually having.
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Predict consumer behavior in seconds

  • Use audience insights to learn who might become lifetime buyers, one-time buyers, good brand ambassadors and more with >95% accuracy – then cater your messages to them.
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