Aggregate. Analyze. Decide. Go from data to decision faster with a custom-built AI insight engine that provides unmatched analytics from news that matters to you.

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What can you do with CulturePulse?

Welcome to the future of news analytics


Faster insights

Get meaningful analysis in hours instead of months. Seize opportunities and address crises with unprecedented, near real-time speed.


Decisions with accuracy

Go beyond sentiment analysis and get clinical-level accuracy tailored for conflict and risk analytics. Say goodbye to generic insights and embrace data-driven decisions.


Bridge the gap

Get the customizable, granular analytics analysts need with data visualizations and actionable output summaries that simplify decision-making.


Getting started with CulturePulse

Your goals and strategic requirements are what define our collaboration so each partnership starts with a comprehensive workshop where we dig into your specific needs and data sources to ensure seamless integration with your existing data streams.

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Case Study: Policymaking in post-conflict areas


The Woolf Institute at Cambridge University saved two years by using news analytics from CulturePulse to better understand regional conflict.


Challenge: The Woolf Institute needed a way to sift through a dataset of 52 million articles and pinpoint meaningful, actionable insights.


Solution: The Woolfe Institute partnered with CulturePulse to calibrate their analysis and refine their search by adding two new search dimensions – forgiveness and revenge – to our 93 existing analytical dimensions.


Result: The analysis with CulturePulse not only yielded surprising results, it also shaved two years off the project and saved Cambridge University over $250 million dollars.

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