This shows a message's resonance score
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Measure twice, publish once

A/B test your content against digital twin audiences from your social media platforms of choice. Yes, even Reddit. Next, fine-tune your messaging with your Resonance Score and publish to your users only when it’s a perfect fit.

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Predict consumer behavior. Don’t guess.

Connect with and reach potential consumers — even biased ones — who could be lifetime buyers, one-time buyers, good brand ambassadors, and more with >95% accuracy.

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Speak to your market’s good vibes and bad

Align your messaging with how your market vibes. All of it, the good, the bad, the happy, and sad, and everything in between by measuring it against 50+ psychological and cultural categories.

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Find the signal through the noise

Millions of conversations are happening right now in your market. Find out the most important topics in your community and join the discussion.