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CulturePulse for developers

With CulturePulse integration, you can bring real-time analytics and predictive AI across 93 behavioral dimensions into your app

Don’t just help users write content, ensure it resonates with their audience

Give users the ability to accurately predict what resonates with their audience



Add detailed suggestions, backed by data and behavioral science, to make any content connect better



Integrate message resonance analysis modeled against their audience’s data into your app



Deliver audience insights, topic analysis and resonance scores

Quickly give users

Quickly give users confidence they’re sending the right message

With the API integrated into your platform, users will see a single metric that allows them to quickly assess the status of their content and how to correct it.

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Increase their community's

Increase their community’s engagement with content optimized to resonate

Behavior is driven by a wide range of beliefs, not just sentiment. Integrate CulturePulse to analyze content against all the beliefs that motivate action.

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Harness the power of

93 behavioral dimensions to connect

What exactly can your audience do with a CulturePulse integration?

  • Tailor content to specific personality traits
  • Speak to cultural and political alignment
  • Enhance persuasion and certainty
  • Craft moral and ethical messages
  • Refine gender-specific marketing
  • Foster inclusive social dynamics
  • Connect with personal values
  • And much more!
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