Version: v14 and v14.s


The CulturePulse API provides easy access to the CulturePulse technology in a way that prioritizes flexibility, accuracy, and speed so that you can profile texts more reliably. The API comes in two versions. 

The first version, which is version 14 of the CulturePulse ontology (v14), is hosted on the cloud and provides quick access to the core features of the CulturePulse system. 

The second version (v14.s) can be hosted on a client-server, allowing you to completely control the security by isolating it within your server under multiple layers of encryption.

In both versions of the API, we provide flexible endpoints, allowing you to input any unstructured text data in one of 50+ languages and receive instantaneous results. The APIs also have the single text and batch endpoints, so if your workload either requires or is more efficient if texts are batched together in a single corpus, they can be efficiently profiled with a single call to the API. The CulturePulse ontology can code text data for their relationship to 82 different cultural and psychological categories.

API for CRM systems

The CulturePulse technology allows you to create and visualize psychological profiles of your customers based on text data (emails, SMS/texts, call transcripts, instant messages, chatbot interactions, etc.). Using the CulturePulse API you can integrate state-of-the-art real-time customer profiling into your CRM platform. Using our single text or batch API functionality, you can get a glimpse of your customer's attitudes and emotional state, insight into their values and key concerns so that you can better address their concerns and needs.

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