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How does the CulturePulse affiliate program work?


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Submit your application to become an affiliate (it takes 3 minutes) and get approved within 7-10 days.


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Promote your affiliate link through your results with the software, your love for the technology, or your desire to generate income with AI.


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CulturePulse will pay you 20% of everything you sell to each new user you refer for 5 years. Generate income by generating value for others.


Get paid to save (others) money

Talking to a marketer? CulturePulse eliminates the need to waste budget on multivariate testing. Talking to a business? CulturePulse enables product research before you make the product. Talking to a government? CulturePulse enables governance before governing.


How the Program Works


For every new user that you refer to CulturePulse, you will receive a 20% commission for the subscriptions and services they purchase for the 5 years after they first register.


Referrals are tracked by browser cookies that last for 60 days after.


Payouts are made after commissions reach $100 USD.

As an affiliate, you will earn a commission for every purchase made by a user referred through your unique affiliate link. We will provide you with marketing materials such as banners, emails, and product descriptions to help you promote CulturePulse to your audience. By sharing the value of CulturePulse's AI technology, you can provide valuable solutions to others while earning income for yourself.

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